Lizotte's Live n Cooking Newcastle Dinner Show Venue

“These are some of the most enjoyable and impressive rooms, and personnel, I've ever come across, anywhere ...”

Michael Spiby Sept '09

“To begin with - real, good food and real, good music go together like a saucer ‘n' cup. Everybody on the Lizotte's team has got a natural easy smile and the music lovers in the crowd come here to get connected. So everyone's on the same page! The stage is set – for something magical! Thank you.”

Eric Bibb April '09

“Thanks heaps again for last thursday. I really enjoyed it and thought everything about Lizottes was wonderful. My new favourite venue!"

Mick Hart 4/10/08

To Brian and Crew,
Thank You Thank You > I genuinely love this place!! Lizottes is a goldmine!

With Love < LIOR 1/07/08

“A Wonderful Couple of Nights”. Great Food, Wine & Company. I wish all touring could be this much Fun!

Josh Pyke 16/03/08

“Lizotte's Restaurant is the place to be when touring through Australia. The entire staff rocks and the sound system is first rate! AND of course- the food is outstanding! I'll never forget my experience here tonight! I hope to return soon! Thanks Brian and the staff at Lizotte's Restaurant.

Take care. Peace, Love & Ukulele Aloha - Jake Shimabukuro

“Is this not the best food you have ever tasted?” We even thought at one point that it might be too good.

Abby Dobson 6/11/07

Lizotte's Restaurant is a class act! Fabulous Food, Great Atmosphere, Wonderful Staff…. And best of all, A “Live” Music Venue. A Treasure to behold

John Morrison & Jacki Cooper 26/10/07

Great Food, Friendly Staff, a pleasure to Play

Mitch Grainger 12/10/07

“What a bloody great place!”

Choirboys 2007

You won't be disappointed, it's great!”

Glenn Shorrock 2007

“Wow! We had such an awesome time here and that's before the show started! Great sound, great food, GREAT people. Five stars!”

Ella from Killing Heidi 2007

“Black is Blue lost it's virginity at Lizotte's….(Can I rent the crowd from that night???)”

Christine Anu 2007

"This really is my favorite venue in the world!"

Gina Jeffreys 2006

“Playing tonight felt like having a conversation over great food with good friends.. Thank you so much for building a room with such warmth that celebrates music making. We had a great time!!”

Ember Swift 2006

"Magic happens here and I love it ..."

Harry Manx 2006

"I reckon Live @ Lizottes Rocks!! I've played at the two premises that Brian has used over the past 3 years. Both times It's been so easy to play to an audience who are ready for a good time because of the vibe in the room. Brian always takes special care to look after the muso's which puts them in the mood to play their best. I wish their was a Live @ Lizottes in every region."

Ash Grunwald 2006

"It's a great pleasure to present a musical performance in a venue that is geared towards the highest standard in food and entertainment. It is a relief that I realised, at the sound check, that the attitude from all the staff was focused towards helping the musicians as much as possible, so that the most important people in the venue, i.e. the audience, have a terrific evening and want to come back. In these challenging times of Australian live music, this is what running a successful music and food business is all about! Well done Lizottes!"

Jan Preston 2006

“A warm welcome, great crowd and atmosphere just makes you wanna play good!”

Psycho Zydeco 2006

“We loved it …Thanks for looking after us so well, great atmosphere”

The Greencards 2006

“The food is magnificent! A well fed band is a happy band and we are a very happy band after eating and playing at Lizotte's!”

Mia Dyson 2006

“Some gigs live in our memories more than others. This is one of them! Thanks Brian and Jo and all. We loved it!”

The Angels 2006

“The new Lizotte's is the cats meow!”

Greedy (Mental As Anything) 2006

“The best gig ever!”

Margaret Urlich 2006

“You guys are fantastic, my heart and soul are very happy to have played here. Much love and admiration, Oscar Lopez”

Oscar Lopez 2006